The Marchesi Pancrazi vineyard is located on the slopes of Monte Ferrato, spread around the Villa di Bagnolo and consists of 5 hectares of Pinot Noir vineyard, about 3,500 olive trees and 45 hectares of woods.

TFate played a fundamental role in the history of Pinot Noir at Villa di Bagnolo, in fact in the '70s when the Marquis Pancrazi wished to replant the vineyards of Bagnolo, Municipality of Montemurlo, province of Prato, the grapevine nursery erroneously supplied, instead of the traditional Sangiovese vine grown in these areas, Pinot Noir.

Only after a few years, thanks to the involvement of the current oenologist Dott. Nicolò D'Afflitto, the estate realized the error and understood the potential given by the terroir and therefore converted the production to Pinot Nero from 1989.


Cantina_Barriques1Cantina botti e tini

The vineyards are planted on land located at the foot of Monte Ferrato (Bagnolo - PO) at an altitude of about 150 meters s.l.m.

The climate is a low hill, cool and well ventilated even in the summer, with a significant temperature change.

The soil is of volcanic origin (Monte Ferrato is an extinct volcano), clay-schistose, medium texture and rich in stones and minerals, particularly iron; feature is the presence of serpentine (green marble); excellent the humidity level given by the presence of water a few meters above the ground.

Villa di Bagnolo - Pinot Nero

Obtained from the vines of the Villa di Bagnolo, near the stream Bagnolo at 150 AMSL, where Pinot Nero is present in different clones, coming from Burgundy, selected

over the years (113, 115, 114, 666, 777 and 943).

Refinement: French oak barriques of 1st and 2nd passage for 18 months and subsequent bottling

Monte Ferrato - Pinot Nero

Obtained from the vines at the foot of Monte Ferrato that were the protagonists of the original error by the nurseryman. In 2011, the vines were replanted with clones 113 and 114.

Refinement: French oak barriques of 3rd and 4th passage for 12 months and subsequent bottling.

Villa di Bagnolo - Rosé di Pinot Nero

Obtained from 100% Pinot Nero grapes by bleeding within 12 hours of destemming and crushing

De-stemming and soft pressing. The alcoholic fermentation takes place in French oak barrels.

Vigna Baragazza - Pinot Nero

The Vigna Baragazza is located on the higher grounds of the estate for which a single Pinot Noir clone was selected, number 777.

Refinement: French oak barriques of 1st and 2nd passage for 18 months and subsequent bottling.

Marchesi Pancrazi - Villa di Bagnolo

Via Montalese 156

59013 Bagnolo (Prato) – Italy